Suggested Plan of Action for First Initiative: Primer For Dec. 1 Meeting

Proposed Additional Steps:

Below are some very basic ideas that will form the basis for our subgroups.  I need your opinions/thoughts/constructive criticism on how to proceed with our First Initiative.  This is strictly a starting point; I’m fine with backtracking or changing course.  I want and need this group’s ideas as to how to achieve the goals of our First Initiative.

We’ve got 4 long years; this is a marathon.  Down the road we will need to be launching additional Initiatives that are consistent with our Vision Statement. I want ideas for our Second, Third and Fourth Initiatives.  We’ve got a lot of brainpower, creativeness and love out there.

For now, our First Initiative will entail resisting and fighting Alt-Right rhetoric by:

1.Educating our Youth

Our scheduled Flagship Program at Hellgate Elementary will focus on this.

Presentation/letter to School Board seeking to preemptively address hate speech and discuss this type of misogynistic, racist imagery and rhetoric.

2.Community Education Through:


Dialogue through Arts

Using the arts as a conversation starting point.  ie., screening of relevant documentaries      at Roxy, member-led dialogue after

Dialogue with People of Differing Views

Direct emphasis to bring in Trump supporters to do NOT support the message of Alt-           Right. We need their commitment and voices to add to our dialogue and resistance.


Independent and/or Missoulian can run an investigative series on local Alt-Right movement


a.  Art Activism:  Art shown at a local gallery with member-led dialogue after?

b.  Social Media Monitoring – looking for memes/rhetoric spread through                 Twitter/Instagram/Reddit

c  . Social Media Resistance/Blitz – I’ve been working with a Tech group out of Virginia who have been creating memes to counter-act the Republican rhetoric.  I’ve asked them to also focus on creating memes to counter-act the Alt-Right message.  We can flood social media with memes to counter-act theirs.

  1. Vigilance:

a.  Sanctuary Posters for Businesses

b.  Corresponding Posters for Neighborhood Watch Program

c.  Calling out hate, especially on social media

d.  Media accountability – holding them responsible for using any of the alt-right                        language that leans towards normalization. Accurate reporting.

e.  Research our local representatives and determine who was supported or                                     received money from Alt-Right. Make it known; hold them accountable; watch                       for legislation they propose or support.

  1. Networking Statewide with other groups or creating our own Statewide Network to address this Alt-Right issue.  Assist City of Whitefish in campaign to help it re-affirm its Non-discrimination Ordinance through social media and written/personal testimony
  2.  Democratic Process/Bill Watching:  Watch for local/state legislation that subversively promotes Alt-right agenda.  See subsection


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