What is Missoula Rises?

Missoula Rises is a community-led, local group committed to the protection of the rights of our community members. Our group serves Missoula, the Bitterroot Valley and surrounding areas. We seek to effectuate local change with the intent that our local work will eventually have an impact on a larger scale. We are non-partisan and inclusive. Diversity is key. We seek input from all people and understand the success of our message depends on the diversity of voices. Missoula Rises will further the protection of human rights through: education, dialogue, vigilance, accountability and activism.

4 thoughts on “What is Missoula Rises?

  1. As I’ve stated previously, I want nothing to do with a resistance organization that claims to be non-partisan. When you can articulate what or whom you’re supporting, what you actually believe in, what causes you advocate for and how you’re supporting or “effectuating” any of the above, let me know. Until then, I’ll remain staunchly partisan, for an expansion of Social Security and Medicare for All, greater efforts toward income equality, equal access for all to an excellent eduction, and a society that values all our citizens and fosters in them everything they can be. While your love theme may be all warm and soothing, it’s difficult not to at least mildly dislike those who are shredding the republic. Love on your own terms, but shelve the high-sounding b.s. and be loud and proud with your partisanship.

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  2. Thank you Erin Erickson for your thoughtful and informed open letter to U.S. Sen. Steve Daines published in the Missoulian on Feb. 3, 2017

    Our elected officials need to be held accountable to us. In this deeply divided and partisan era of politics, we the people need to lead by example and demand with respectful voices to be heard. Perhaps by continuing to shine a light on issues important to all Montanans and not remaining in the dark and relying on blind faith, we can start to turn the corner and get back to our elected officials doing what we ask of them : represent US.


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