SubGroups: Sign Up & Leader Contacts

When you decide which group you want to work with, message Tiffany Williams and she can add your name to the group OR comment on this post with the group you want to work with.

Our group leaders will be contacting the particpants and Subgroups meetings will be set.

Subgroup: Education

Description: This group is formed to educate the community about the white supremacist “altright” movement and collaborate with Montana Human Rights Network; EmPOWER MT; and the Flagship Program to teach students how to recognize and combat hatred.

Leaders:  Lindsey Heuget / Erin Erickson / Kathy Witkowsky (Empower MT contact)

Subgroup: Dialogue and Building Bridges
Description: Engage people of different backgrounds in dialogue to help educate and find common ground.  Direct emphasis on engaging and bringing in Trump supporters who do NOT support discrimination, hate, misogyny, etc… to use as our allies in combating white supremacist movement and hate actions in our communities.  We will engage dialogue through a number a ways:  panel discussions, role playing (Nancy?),  Missoula Rises sponsored coffee talks, etc..
Leaders: Carolyn Temple? Nancy McCourt?
Participants: Cameron Nye

Subgroup: Public Education

Description:  Work with our local unions to oppose adverse impacts on public schools with incoming administration of Artnzen and DeVos.  Draft letter to Superintendent re: pre-emptive statement on hate crimes, speech, etc…

Leader:  Jen Hossack

Participants: Julie Merritt, Kathy Dungan

Subgroup: Art Activism & Dialogue
Description: Seeking to educate against hate crimes/”alt-right” and facilitate dialogue through use of the arts
I.e. – Local art gallery showings with facilitated dialogue; Screening of documentaries at the Roxy with led dialogue after
Leaders: Nancy McCourt
Participants: Laura Brehm

Subgroup: Technology & Social Media Activism
Description: Managing website and launching a social media activism campaign through
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Leaders: Beth Morey/Jen Fredette

Participants: Diane Matthews
Subgroup: Networking
Description: Liaison for other statewide organizations with similar initiatives (Love Lives Here group in Whitefish, Pantsuit Chapters, Bitterroot group).

Facilitate networking and collaboration with other non-profits to provide Missoula Rises membership support through volunteer work.

Business Poster/Residence Watch Initiative
Leadership: Erin Erickson
Participants: Laura Brehm

Subgroup: Media Accountability/Quality/Activism
Description: Helping media recognize and not normalize white supremacist language and beliefs. Discuss media running a comprehensive investigative series on “alt-right” recruitment and how that impacts our youth.

Draft press releases and strengthen media contacts for our group’s efforts.

Partner with local media to cover an educational campaign on Business/Residence signs.

Leadership: Tiffany Williams/Anne Haveron
Participants: Betsy Bach
Subgroup: Democratic Process and Legislative Watch
Description: Monitor upcoming legislation and advise group of legislation and possible adverse impacts on community.

Draft and distribute scripts to group to address issues/legislation to hold our local/state reps accountable.  Compile list of local reps with contact info so that we can call upon on reps to provide their position on certain bills, etc…

Look into who has received money from alt-right supporters. Watch for their

Leaders: Jeremy Reinicke, Mary Coar
Participants: Liz Ries-Simpson, Jen Errett

4 thoughts on “SubGroups: Sign Up & Leader Contacts

  1. I would love to be in the Education sub group or the Dialog and building bridges. Both interest me…I would be willing to go to a first meeting for both of them to see which one fits my interests more! Thanks, Katie Maunz


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