7 Days to Safeguard our Country

We are outraged. We are not pretending everything is ok this week. We have 7 days until the Electoral College casts their vote.

The convergence of the CIA’s findings on Russian involvement in our election, along with the PEOTUS blatantly rejecting this evidence and gaslighting the public, all the while stacking his cabinet with people who have self-serving interests, leads us to this point. NOW is the time to move from hobby activist to fighting for your rights, the rights of those you love and the rights of those you’ve never met.

This week we focus our collective energy on telling this administration WE ARE HERE; YOU ANSWER TO US. We REJECT the notion that this election is over. We love our country fiercely. The citizens of this country chose our leader, NOT an outside influence which was driven by the interests of Mr. Trump.

The next 7 days we will focus on actions that will serve to protect our democratic process. Every day an action is posted. Every day YOU will decide whether to act. When you act, you can hit the “like” button on the post. If you don’t act, don’t bother hitting the “like” button. We only want those “likes” to reflect action. Let’s watch our feed blow up with confirmed action. If you want to wear the Missoula Rises button, then you show our community how you will care for it. #RISEUP #WeCan #WeWill #WatchUs#JoinUs

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