DAY 2 Action: Contact Electors in Swing States

7 Days to Safeguard our Country: Day 2 Action

Tuesday:   6 days until Electoral College votes
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In six days, on December 19th, the electors will cast their votes. We must convince 38 electors who are pledged to Trump that he is not fit to be president (remember Monday’s action about releasing the CIA report on Russian election hacking) and they should vote for someone else. Who they vote for is up to the individual elector. The crucial point is that they cannot vote for a candidate under foreign influence to lead our country. While there is no federal law that forces electors to vote in alignment with their state’s popular vote, some states penalize these “faithless electors” with a fine and a misdemeanor. The Electors Trust, headed by Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig, has been created to provide free and confidential legal support to any elector who wishes to vote their conscience.…/electoral-college-faithless-electors-independ…

A. Convince electors to vote for any candidate other than Trump.
B. Support legal defense for conscientious electors.

A. Email, write to, tweet, and/or call the electors in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
B. Gather elector contact information here:
C. Use our base message in your communication.

Dear [Elector],
I’m writing to you to encourage you not to cast your electoral vote for Donald Trump. Over the course of his career, as well as this election, he has proven himself to be unfit for the role of commander-in-chief. He has displayed disregard not only for multiple groups of Americans, but for our country itself.

The most compelling example of his being unfit to serve came last week. The CIA reported that Russia interfered in the election in order to aid Trump. Electors like you now have an ethical duty to not allow a person under foreign influence to become president.

As you know, our founding fathers created the electoral college with three main purposes: to stop a demagogue from becoming president, to stop foreign interference in an election, and to prevent the poor administration of government. Donald Trump fails on all three tests.
I imagine you are understandably concerned about the legal ramifications of acting as a “faithless elector”. A group of lawyers led by Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig is prepared to help you with free and confidential legal services. Contact them now at
Please consider casting your vote for another candidate. As a representative of the people, you have a responsibility to listen to your constituents, and millions of us have spoken: do not elect Donald Trump to the White House.

Thank you for your time and service.

[Your name]

Donate to the Electors Trust

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