Announcement: Missoula Rises an Affiliate Group of MHRN!

I am honored and pleased to announce that Missoula Rises is now an affiliate group of the Montana Human Rights Network. The MHRN will afford us the ability to network statewide, provide funding and assistance opportunities. We can join forces with other affiliate groups, like Love Lives Here in Whitefish, to reject hate and promote inclusion.

Hey, we are legit! After the Holidays we will meet to discuss and set up a more formal structure for our group. We are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

I am so prouaaaaad that in just over two months, our passion and power has taken hold and we are agents of resistance and change. Always know that your voice matters. It matters to me, it matters to this group, it matters to our community, state and country. Use it loud and proud to fight for our community. Join our Love Army and FIGHT for each other. Hate may win some battles, but OUR love wins in the end. #RiseUp #LoveArmy #CantStop#WontStop

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