📫Daily Actions, February 1: High Priority

Click Here For Action Sheet

There are Two Actions on the Action Sheet, but other suggestions below.

1. Immigration Ban

The Administration (via the Department of Justice) is refusing to comply with federal court orders stopping the ban. Over 1,000 State Department employees have signed a letter saying that they believe this Executive Order is illegal and wrong.
We demand that Congress act to restore the balance of powers and avoid a Constitutional crisis.

2. Upcoming committee votes on SESSIONS for Attorney General, PRICE for Health and Human Services, and MNUCHIN for Treasury.

Note that the Democrats boycotted hearings on 1/31, delaying these nominees passing out of committee and to the full Senate. They are demanding that these nominees explain lies to the committees about investments, conflicts of interest, and previous statements.
Keep up the pressure to refuse to confirm SESSIONS for Attorney General, PRICE for Health & Human Services, and MNUCHIN for Treasury.

3. Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch.

As espected, Trump nominated an extreme right wing ideologue. His judicial philosophy would decimate the government’s regulatory powers on issues like the environment and labor protections, and has said that employers can avoid ACA requirements based on religious objections.
The GOP held the SCOTUS seat open for nearly a year, and said that if Clinton won they’d hold it open for the next 4 years. Therefore, we do not need this seat filled. #EightIsEnough.
We want the Senate to reject Gorsuch. That means that we need 41 Democratic Senators to refuse to confirm.

4. Bannon on the National Security Council.

A lot of Senators have not yet taken a stand on this. Tester is on the Senate Subcommittee for the Dept of Homeland Security. We want legislation the takes Bannon off the NSC and makes sure that the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs are permanent members.

5.  DeVos Vote

The full Senate needs to vote on DEVOS for Education – not scheduled yet.

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