📆Missoula Rises Events for Feb. 6 -12

Click here for detailed information.

Monday: 12-2pm. ACA Repeal Townhall with Senator Tester’s health care expert. We asked Sen. Daines’ staff to join in hearing from community members how repeal of the ACA will adversely effect them. Sen. Daines has declined.

Tuesday: 9-5 Go to Senator Daines’ office and express our concerns on his proposed legislation and voting on Cabinet members. Will post more on this tonight. This is a weekly occurrence until he talks to us.

Wednesday: 6-8pm Civic Action Work Party! We will have new proposed issues that need to be addressed this week. Community + Activism = Empowerment!

Thursday: 6-8 DPLW meeting

Sunday: Peace March with Ilana McCloud!

One thought on “📆Missoula Rises Events for Feb. 6 -12

  1. tomorrow there is a nationwide protest for Trump to show his taxes. Just wondering if there is something happening in Missoula or do we need to get something going? It is imperative that we act now we have to resist and Rise Up to this insanity!


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