đź“«Weekend Actions: Feb. 4 & 5

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Always take a day or the weekend off if you need a break. Always.
This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we will all need breaks. Spend time with family, get some sleep, do something that restores you. You are important.”

The full senate needs to vote on DEVOS for Education, SESSIONS for Attorney General, PRICE for Health and Human Services, PRUITT for EPA, and MNUCHIN for Treasury. We are getting traction here, and there are reports that Daines may be wavering on DeVos.

The Senate phone system is overloaded and some Senators are trying to avoid our calls. This means we KEEP CALLING, but we add some other things.

We have multiple reports that faxes are effective. There are lots of free fax services! Try http://www.faxzero.com, or get a free trial at http://www.efax.com, or even use a real fax machine. Sample letters for download are linked. Hover over the link, then click the arrow icon that appears. Be sure to edit with your name and your own additional comments, and be sure to use a SEPARATE fax or email for each topic so everything gets counted.

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