📫 Daily Actions: Wed. Feb. 8th

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Check yourself right now:  Don’t get mad, get even.  Use your voice.


📍SESSIONS for Attorney General:  The next vote will be SESSIONS for Attorney General. We have very little chance of stopping this one. Yes, Sessions has a career full of disdain for civil rights and voting rights. He is also a Senator, and when you combine deference to the President’s choices with courtesy owed a colleague, we will not stop Sessions. He will get Democratic votes, and we will have to make those Senators uncomfortable later.  But we need to register our opposition LOUDLY.

KEEP CALLING! The emails and faxes are a supplement to calls, they are NOT a substitute!

📍PRICE for Health & Human Services:  This is the guy that wants to do away with Medicaid expansion.  We have some chance to oppose PRICE and PRUITT for EPA.    **Note that the arguments used on Daines are not the same as the ones for Tester.

📍GORSUCH for SCOTUS. We will have a little more time on this, but it is good to start making noise.


The Senate phone system is overloaded and some Senators are trying to avoid our calls. This means we KEEP CALLING, but we add some other things. We have multiple reports that faxes are effective. There are lots of free fax services! Try http://www.faxzero.com, or get a free trial at http://www.efax.com, or even use a real fax machine. Full instruction document and sample letters for download are linked. Be sure to edit with your name and your own additional comments.

ONE TOPIC per fax! Faxes are sorted by topic and we want them all to be counted.


Email to Senators/Representatives is via a Contact Me form. It’s a little tedious, but it works. Be sure to use a SEPARATE email for each issue. Emails are auto-sorted by topic and we want to make sure they count them all.

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