📫 Daily Actions Thurs Feb. 16th

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📍We got rid of Puzder! Now we have to go after Scott Pruitt for Secretary of the EPA. Mr. Pruitt is the former Attorney General of Oklahoma. He made false statements under oath, is currently involved in multiple lawsuits against the EPA, and has stated that he wants the agency abolished. We need to make sure that Montana’s environment is preserved for tourism and recreation.
📍We want in-person, face-to-face town halls with Sen. Daines in multiple towns across Montana.

📍The most important thing we can do right now is make sure Senator Tester knows we DO NOT support Gorsuch for SCOTUS. You’ve seen the TV ads. Trump invited Sen. Tester to lunch. There is going to be a TON of pressure on him to go along with this nomination. Right now, the Dems still have the filibuster, and Gorsuch will need 60 votes. Will McConnell go nuclear and change that? Time will tell. But right now, we need to make sure that Sen. Tester knows we don’t want Gorsuch, and we have his back.

📍Slacktivism! There are a bunch of ready to cut and past Tweets at the bottom of this sheet.

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