📫Daily Actions: Friday Feb 24th


First, a quick bit of good news – HB 361, which would have reduced SNAP eligibility, was tabled by the committee. Thanks to everyone who helped prevent this bill from moving forward!

Let’s use that positive energy to take on two important issues that are likely to be voted on TODAY (Friday).

The first is a bill (SB 282) that would ban ALL abortions after 24 weeks, with NO exception for fetal anomalies or the health of the mother. It already passed its first floor vote but let’s see if we can change anybody’s mind.

The second is a bill (SB 305) that would allow counties to do voting by mail for the special election to fill Rep. Zinke’s seat. This would save counties a lot of money and make it easier for people to participate in this important election. It is scheduled for debate (and a possible vote) on the floor today.

Click here for all of the details you need to take action on these two issues.

If neither of those actions interest you, there’s still plenty of work to be done on the national scene.

Click Here for Actions that Target National Issues


2 thoughts on “📫Daily Actions: Friday Feb 24th

  1. If you stop calling your posts “Daily Action” followed by a date and instead give them a relevant title that deals with their subject matter, you might get a bit more love from Google, both now and months from now.


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