📫Daily Actions: Weekend Feb 25th/26th

March 1st is the deadline for bills to get transmitted from one chamber to the other in the Montana legislature, so things are going to be a little hectic until then. Hang in there! We got this! In the spirit of celebrating wins, SB 305 (voting by mail) passed the Senate and is on its way over to the House. Yay!

Now that we’re fueled by all of those exclamation points, let’s get to work. We’re focusing on the same bills as Friday, but now targeting our Representatives instead of our Senators. Both bills passed the Senate on Friday and are headed to the House.

  • SB 282 would ban ALL abortions after 24 weeks, with NO exception for fetal anomalies or the health of the mother. Please contact your Representative and urge them to oppose.
  • SB 305 would allow counties to do voting by mail for the special election to fill Rep. Zinke’s seat. Please contact your Representative and urge them to support.

Click here for all of the details you need to take action on these two issues. It only takes a few minutes, I promise!

If you’re passionate about education policy, today’s bonus action items include opposing a national bill (HR 610) that would do major harm to public education in this country.

Click here for more info about HR 610 and other actions at the national level.

If there are other items that you think we should be focusing on, please leave a comment that includes a brief summary of the issue, the recommended action, and possibly a sample message. It can be short and sweet but anything helps. Thanks!

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