Act Now to Help Select Candidates for May 25th Special Election

Representative Zinke is now Secretary Zinke and the special election to fill his seat is scheduled for May 25th. The Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican conventions will be held in Helena: March 5 for Democratic, March 6 for Republican, and March 11 for Libertarian.

In the precious few days between now and the nominating conventions, here’s what you can do:

1. Educate yourself

Click here for a complete list of the candidates for all three parties.

These candidates are not selected by the popular vote. They are chosen by delegates at the upcoming conventions.

2. Contact delegates to share your comments

Even though there isn’t a vote you still have a say.

Here are the voting delegates for the Democratic Central Committees.

Click on a name to CONTACT THEM prior to Sunday 3/5 to share your thoughts on the candidates. We are working on tracking down this information for the Republicans.

There are also special groups that get a vote, such as the Montana Progressive Democrats. They have a survey here if you want to share your thoughts.

3. Think strategically

Is there a Republican candidate you think would be beneficial in that seat? Do you think that perhaps pushing for one Republican over another with their delegates would further our policy goals?

Missoula Rises cannot endorse any one candidate, but each of you can and should. Use your voice to influence both the Democrats and Republicans. We have to think broad and strategically. So educate yourselves and get to contacting the delegates!



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