Quick Updates on SB 97 and SB 305

Our state actions are the same as yesterday, with a few updates.

The House Judiciary held its hearing on SB 97 (anti-Sharia law) bill this morning but has not voted so keep on sending those messages and/or calling to urge NO votes. During the hearing the sponsor, Senator Keith Regier, said “I am really surprised that there are opponents to the bill.” While I find that hard to believe, let’s keep surprising him!

SB 305 still has not been scheduled for a hearing. During today’s hearing (about other bills) Rep.Virginia Court, Vice Chair, asked Rep. Alan Doane, the Committee chair, whether it was going to be reassigned to a different committee. Rep. Doane said he had no idea whether it would be referred to another committee, confirmed that nothing is scheduled, and said “I haven’t been able to catch up to the bill’s sponsor.” In addition to your usual messages to the Committee members, consider sending a message to Rep. Court thanking her for bringing up this important bill. Her email address is: vcourtforlegislature@yahoo.com

Click here for all of the information you need to contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee about both SB 97 and SB 305. Lola Sheldon-Galloway of Great Falls remains a priority target for both bills and we’ve been told that direct emails are better than using the online form so consider sending her an email: Rep.Lola.Sheldon-Galloway@mt.gov.

Efforts at the national level are still focused on four issues:

  1. Defending the ACA – the GOP bill has passed through two committee without being scored by the Congressional Budget Office (meaning we don’t even know all of its potential impacts)
  2. Demand resignation of AG Jeff Sessions
  3.  Oppose Gorsuch for the Supreme Court
  4. Request help from the national Democratic party for the special election

Click here for all of the information you need to take action on these national issues.



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