Urgent Action Needed for SB 282 and HB 501

Hearings have been scheduled next week for two bills that we are tracking. If you have a few minutes to spare, consider taking action by contacting committee members to share your thoughts.

Tuesday 3/14 at 8am: The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on SB 282, which bans all abortions after 24 weeks with no exception for fetal anomalies or to protect the health of the mother. Please oppose this unconstitutional infringement on women’s rights and autonomy to make their own health decisions.

Wednesday 3/15 at 3pm: The Senate State Administration Committee is holding a hearing on HB 501, which would ban the state from doing business with any entities that support boycotts of Israel. We recommend encouraging committee members to oppose this bill. To be clear, this does not mean that we support boycotts of Israel. We oppose this bill because it sets a precedent for the government to regulate businesses on the basis of their religious or political views.

All of the details you need to defend abortion rights and/or oppose this unnecessary regulation are here.

*Quick update on SB 305, which would allow voting by mail in special election: a hearing has been scheduled in the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, March 23rd. We will keep you posted about ways to continue supporting this bill.

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