Action Plan for SB 305 (Voting by Mail)

Hey Missoula! Heading into this week we’ve got a lot going on, but SB305 requires your attention. This is a non-partisan bill and is essential to the promotion of democracy. Please let’s rally and use our numbers to push this in the right direction. I’m asking you to read carefully, and ACT. Facebook likes don’t mean a damn thing unless you act as well.

Set for hearing in the House Judiciary committee on MARCH 23 in Helena. We need to do TWO things:

1. Contact Republican representatives and committee members.

Start (and then continue) contacting your REPUBLICAN only representatives AND the committee members to save an estimated $750,000 by allowing mail-in ballots for the special election.

CALL: 406-444-4800.
Flood them with calls. So many calls they have to respond.
MESSAGE: You can use this online form to contact your representative (if they are a Republican) or the entire committee. You can also email the members of the committee individually.

2. Go to Helena on 3/23!

The hearing is set for Thursday, March 23rd at 8am. Our physical presence and testimony is imperative. MT Progressive Democrats is organizing a rally and helping coordinate carpools – Facebook event or go straight to their website.

Suggested Language

Speaker of the House, Rep. Austin Knudsen, we ask you to champion fiscal responsibility in all areas of government and not burden the county clerks and recorders to find polling locations and election judges in an irregular time of year, nor experience an unbudgeted expense that will cause a deficit to an already burdened election department from last year’s November 2016 deficit regarding a ballot reprint. SB 305 needs to be supported for the special election taking place on May 25, 2017.

Honorable Members of the House Judiciary Committee,
It appears that SB305 being in the Judiciary committee is shenanigans. It should be in the State Administration committee which is where all election related bills usually go. Please have the bill moved to its proper place so that the hearing can be moved up to a more timely date and passed. Please do the right thing so that the taxpayers do not have to pay more for this election than they need to. This is a matter of fiscal responsibility. It will cost our counties thousands of dollars if you do not take action to help this bill pass.

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