Tell Your Representative to Support Love, Not Hate

SB 97 would prohibit the application of foreign law in state courts. While that may seem relatively benign at first glance, this Letter to the Editor from a Missoula Rises member lays out why the so-called “Anti-Sharia Law” is absolutely terrible. The bill only serves to fuel hatred and fear at a time when Montana Muslims deserve our compassion and support.

We need to take action NOW. The bill already passed the Senate, passed the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, and could be scheduled for a floor vote any day now.

ACTIONEncourage your Representative to OPPOSE SB 97.

Several ways to go about it!

1) Call the front desk ((406) 444-4800) and leave a message for them.

2) Send a message to them by filling out the form on this page.

3) Send them an email – go to the full legislator directory and click on their name to get their email address and other contact information.


This bill is not only disguised xenophobia, it would very well complicate existing Montana law. Feel free to use excerpts from the Letter to the Editor that I mentioned above.

If your Representative is Brad Tschida, you might also want to mention your disappointment that he agreed to carry the bill on the House floor. (After a bill makes it out of committee, the original sponsor of the bill from the Senate had to find a member of House to carry the bill on the House floor. For SB 97, that member is Representative Tschida. Booooooo.)


ACLU of Montana is organizing an event in Helena to show solidarity with the Muslim community in the House Gallery during the floor vote. That vote hasn’t been scheduled yet so the date and time are TBD but you can find all of the details in this Facebook event.

– Read more:…/article_e8e8765e-0949-55ed-941d-5dd78……/article_895b1227-dc9……/montana-bill-aims-to-pre…/…

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