RESIST By Registering to Vote

It has been Missoula Rises mission since Day 1 to promote informed, educated, compassionate voters. Our voices are heard through our votes. We get to show our commitment to our values of promoting human rights by voting. With Zinke’s appointment, we get that chance sooner than we thought.


Montana’s special election is on May 25th to elect our only House Representative. It is imperative that every citizen of Montana take part in the election process. Make sure that your voter registration is ready to go for this special election by using this link

PLEASE CHECK your address, absentee voter registration, and verify any other information if you are already registered. IF YOU AREN’T REGISTERED, print the registration form and get it mailed into your elections office by April 25th.

After you have checked your voter registration, please SHARE with at least 10 friends. When are are done, comment below. #RisingStrong #OurVoice#OurVote #OurValues

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