Keep Resisting. Keep Resisting.

Alright Missoula, we’ve got a big day on two fronts tomorrow:

1. Mail In Ballot SB305
Call between 7:30-8:00 am
406-444-4800 ask the House Judiciary Committee for a “Do Pass” of SB305.  Or use our Amplify App.

2. Noon meeting TODAY at Sen. Daines’ office to oppose TrumpCare.

Ok listen. I know we are exhausted. I know that another phone call, another rally, another meeting – they are all beginning to lose their sexy, revolutionary appeal. But that is precisely why NOW is the time to buckle down. Make this a part of your on-going lifestyle. We’re trying to give you tools to make it easier: daily actions, Amplify app, etc…

Trump and his henchmen are counting on us to flame out. And oh boy, it is tempting. Particularly when this is not our paid job. But here’s the truth: we can’t go back to our lives as they were on Nov. 8th. That time has passed and we are faced with REAL threats, not perceived threats, real ones.

Tomorrow the very real threat is the gutting of our health care system.

The very last thing I want to do tomorrow is go back to Daines’ office. Again. Trust me, I would much rather work through my lunch hour so I can leave early; catch an Oula class to relieve my stress; have much-needed lunch with my best girlfriends. But that is not going to be my reality tomorrow.

Because while we are sleeping tonight, the GOP, including our own Senator Daines, is busy working through the night back in DC making changes to TrumpCare to get it passed – and those changes will be catastrophic for the people we love in our state. And they are counting on the fact that we are getting sick and damn tired of holding them accountable. Because we are. But we must keep doing so.

So tomorrow, we’ve got to suck it up another day and make the phone calls. We’ve got to show up at noon. We’ve got to be firm to our commitments to each other. Do what you can, when you can. But keep resisting. #keepswimming 👊🏻💥

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