Tell Sen. Daines to Reject TrumpCare

Please feel free to cut and paste this letter to Senator Daines outlining why we need him to outright reject the new TrumpCare legislation.  Just swap out your name and info.

Senator Daines:

We are from the group Missoula Rises and represent your constituents from Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley. We strongly oppose repealing or de-funding the current ACA. The current Trump / House GOP repeal bill is misguided and will have a devastating effect on Montanans.

We appreciate your move towards criticizing the current repeal bill, but we are calling on you to stand up unequivocally for the people you represent. Because we currently have no representative, we are calling on you to contact Kevin Brady of the House Ways and Means Committee to tell him to reject the proposed bill. Specifically, we want you to publicly tell your fellow GOP members of congress that there can be:

• NO per capita caps and NO block grants for Medicaid dollars. These policies will have a catastrophic effect on your constituents and our State budget.

• Any legislation MUST keep essential health benefits as part of health coverage. We both know in a state such as ours, health insurance without the following EBH’s would be tantamount to no coverage at all for Montanans:
– Immunizations
– Maternal/fetal care
– Prescription medications
– Mental health care
– Pediatric care
– Lab services
– In-patient/Out-patient care
– Routine, preventative care check ups.

We suspect you know, and would agree, that cutting these benefits from health care coverage would be devastating to the health of Montanans.

Currently, your are our lone Republican representative. And you know that right now your party affiliation carries weight on this legislation. We implore you to do the right thing for us and use your influence to truly represent your constituents. It would certainly go a long way in our support of you. Regardless of party, we just want to know our representatives care about us and work for all of us.


/s/ Erin M. Erickson


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