No Hate in Our State. Oppose HB 611 and 609

HB 611 will make it illegal for cities in Montana to pass sanctuary city policies.  It imposes strict financial penalties to municipalities that don’t comply with federal immigration demands.  The bill has a hearing scheduled in the House Judiciary Committee on Monday. Please take the time to reach out to Representatives to ask to kill this bill in committee.  CLICK HERE TO OPPOSE HB 611

HB 609 would ban transgender people from school and public restrooms or locker rooms that do not match the gender assigned at birth.  The bill will not go to Governor Bullocks desk for a veto decision.  If passed, HB 609 would go to a public vote as a referendum on the ballot in 2018. The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on this bill on Thursday 3/23 but hasn’t voted yet. We want the Committee to OPPOSE HB 609 and prevent it from even getting to the House floor. CLICK HERE TO OPPOSE HB 609

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