Good Stuff: HB 609 Defeat, Candidate Forum, and More

Hot on the heels of the defeat of TrumpCare/RyanCare/WealthCare, we have another win to celebrate: HB 609, the so-called bathroom bill, was killed in committee. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! A huge thanks to everybody who took action to help make this happen!

After taking a few minutes to do a happy dance, consider attending the Special Election Forum on Sunday 4/2 from 4-6. As a nonpartisan group Missoula Rises won’t endorse a candidate, but we are co-hosting this forum to hash out the issues that impact us and our loved ones. The forum will also include discussion of what we can do, especially during this Special Election, to promote our commitment to progressive values and protection of human rights. Because it’s not really our style to just sit and not “do.” This is for YOU and your friends. So invite them too. Brought to you by Missoula Rises, Montana Women Vote, Missoula Resistance Collective, Forward Montana, and others. RSVP and get all of the details here or by clicking on the below image.

Special Election 2017 Community Values & Vision

If you’re looking for even more to do, here are some recommended reads:

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