Speaker of the House Knudsen Needs to Hear from Us NOW

As we wrote about last week, Governor Bullock wrote an amendment into a general election bill (HB 83) that adds the language from the mail-in ballot bill (SB 305). It has now been returned to the House but no vote has been scheduled.

The clock is ticking because county election officials need to lock down their election plans ASAP. We already asked you to contact Republican representatives who supported the blast motion, but now we need Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen to schedule a vote.

CALL TO ACTION: Contact Representative Knudsen directly to ask him to schedule the vote for HB 83 ASAP.

Phone: 406-539-4268 (secondary: 406-787-6369)

Email: austinforhouse@yahoo.com

Sample Script: Please schedule HB 83 for a vote on the House floor as soon as possible so county election officials can finalize their plans for the special election. Thank you.

After you’ve done that, contact your Representative if they’re listed in this post for some extra credit. 🙂

Full Text of Amended Bill

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