Town Hall with Sen. Daines: April 20th

!Senator Daines is currently on recess. Since November 2016 we have been asking Sen. Daines to participate in a Town Hall for his constituents. Not a sham Tele-Town Hall, but a real, face to face conversation to discuss his positions on the issues that effect us. His response to the people he represents: insulting silence.

Rather, our paid Senator has found time to: go skiing with donors, do a guest Q & A for Wisconsin residents (???), sneak in and out of our state, but never respond to our clear, substantive legitimate concerns. ENOUGH.

Town Halls are a basic part of our democracy. Every Member of Congress (MoC) should have them. Over the year, a MoC’s schedule is split between time “in session,” when they’re expected to be in Washington, DC attending to legislative business, and “recess,” when they go back to their districts or states. These recess periods—also known as “District Work Periods” on the congressional calendar—which stretch from several days to several weeks at a time, are the designated periods for MoCs to be home ENGAGING with constituents. The whole reason that recess exists is to make sure that MoCs don’t lose touch with constituent concerns.

Town halls are a time-honored tradition for listening to constituents. Because MoCs can’t possibly meet individually with all their constituents, they normally host public events like town halls or district office hours so that they can interact with many constituents. In addition to allowing constituents to communicate their views directly to a MoC, rather than through staff, it gives MoCs the chance to take the temperature of their constituents and discuss their positions in greater detail.

YOU deserve the opportunity to share your views and personal stories about how policy affects your lives with Senator Daines. A Senator who’s carefully tailoring his appearances to avoid hearing from people who disagree with him is a Senator who’s not doing his job.

So, we have a large Town Hall planned for Senator Daines’ attendance on Thursday, April 20th, 6:00 pm at Union Club (208 E Main St) in Missoula. Please come prepared to succinctly discuss your questions and concerns with our Senator.

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