Senator Daines Town Hall Update

A Town Hall for Senator Daines is set for Thursday, April 20, 6:00 pm at the Union Club in Missoula, 208 E. Main Street.  There have been questions as to whether he will attend. Transparency is critical and thus I want to be clear as to what this Town Hall entails.

First, Sen Daines is on his recess and this time is set aside for him to meet and visit with his constituents – that’s YOU. For the second recess in a row, Daines has failed to meet the requests of Montanans and meet with us. To talk to us. Senator Daines is currently in Bozeman and apparently will be campaigning with Donald Trump, Jr. on behalf of Gianforte.

Here is what Senator Daines has NOT done:

  • Respond to our numerous and repeated requests for a conversation that is authentic and in-person during his Montana recess.
  • Reveal what his recess schedule is to the public. (This is very common for Senators to publish their schedule). When we call his office, we are told by his staff that they are unsure of his recess schedule. This means he avoids accountability by his employers – US.
  • Respond to our invitation to attend the Town Hall. We have called and advised his staff of the Town Hall. The date, time, place. They are fully aware of how many of his constituents have RSVP’ed and will be attending. Despite this, Senator Daines has refused to confirm his attendance.

WE HAVE RECOURSE. Here is what we will do:

  • Show up to the Town Hall en masse as we said we would.
  • Ask our questions, voice our concerns. If he comes, I am hopeful that we will have a respectful, productive conversation. If he does not come, we will be providing action items, resources on each question topic so we can take action when our Senator fails us.
  • We will videotape this all. It will go to both Daines as well as the media.
  • We will show up. The media is invited and we have put out Press Releases. The State needs to SEE how his constituents are here, waiting to talk to him. Senator Daines needs to SEE that we care and we are here to talk.

One way or another, we will be heard. If he comes, that is the best possible outcome. If he does not, THIS IS HOW WE HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE. Let’s join our voices and show Senator Daines, the State and the Nation that in Montana we have an expectation that our Senator will represent us all and do his paid job. This is what Democracy looks like.

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