Rise Up 5K!

Missoula! Big News!! Missoula Rises will be hosting a 5k Run/Walk on July 1st. We all know how Missoula just loves a fun run.

Community members of all walks of life, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations will RISE UP together across the nation for the world’s largest running/walking event. With a collective voice of footsteps, we will run to the cadence of liberty, freedom, and justice for ALL. RISE UP. RUN. BE HEARD.

100% of the net proceeds will be donated to non-profits in need of funding. We are doing this in solidarity with others from all across the United States.

Register by June 1st!!!  Link here: https://localraces.com/rise-up-5k/rise-up-5k-missoula-mt

We have to have 100 registered by then to make it a go. You will get a shirt and we will have hats for sale with the below logo. Get registered and let’s enjoy some fresh air, sun and solidarity! #StrongerTogether!Rise Up logo.jpg

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