Empowerment Through Love: Let’s Take Down TrumpCare

MoWell, yesterday was disheartening, if not devastating for a lot of us. I think there is a deep sense of betrayal and hopelessness that accompanied the GOPs decision to push forward TrumpCare to the Senate. We have heard it won’t pass the Senate. But I feel less certain these days about our government doing right by its people. There are a lot of pieces of the puzzle that keep falling into place for the Trump Administration that frankly leaves us feeling powerless. This juggernaut of insanity just keeps pushing forward while we are trying every damn day to counteract it. Then yesterday happened. But today I can say, sunlight does happen to be a disinfectant. I just happened to hear these lyrics this morning:

“When I need a healing, I just look up to the ceiling.
I see the sun coming down, I know it’s all better now.”

And so I turned my face up to the sky and let it all flow in. We are still in the same situation, it is not all better now. But I suggest you take a minute today and use that beautiful Missoula sunshine we’ve been waiting months for. Stop and put your face to the sky and let yourself just be for a moment. Let yourself soak up Montana for a moment. Clear your head.

Here’s where we are. We can re-center, re-focus and put this project on our plates. WE control the story here. Shift that power balance right back to your favor. We will work together, just like we did the first time the ACA was in jeopardy, to drive home to Senators Daines and Tester, that their vote in favor of the ACHA will devastate Montana. We can work with organizations like Montana Women Vote to educate people, across party lines, about how this healthcare policy will affect them. We can start to turn minds and votes when our Senators are up for re-election.

Don’t underestimate your power. Certainly don’t give away your power. Stay focused and keep your hearts open. We can do this together. Last time our voices caused Daines to not speak in favor of TrumpCare. We’ve got that on the record and we can hold him accountable. Despite the betrayal of the House GOP yesterday, we still live in a democracy. You’ve got the power. And we’ve got each other’s backs. Pre-existing conditions and all.

“Baby, you’re the Man
But I got the power
You make rain
But I’ll make it SHOWER
You should know, I’m the one who’s in control
I’ll let you come take the wheel, long as you don’t forget
Who’s got the power.”

Get calling, faxing, writing Letters to the Editor. Let’s make it shower. #RiseUp #OurFamilies #OurCommunities #ProtectEachOther

In solidarity, Erin M. Erickson ♥

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