Health Care for All Rally: Sunday, 1:00 Caras Park

Although there is currently a Washington DC melt-down going on…we still have the looming health care issue to focus on. This is not an issue that Montanans can afford to put on the ba! ACHAck burner. JOIN US this Sunday for a HEALTH CARE FOR ALL Rally.

This is a joint community effort that will reflect the stories and concerns of our community members. Bob Wire will be playing live music and we will have tables where you can take ACTION and get INVOLVED to effectively protect our access to Healthcare. A lot of work has been put into this and we hope that people come support this cause.

Speakers include: Sarah Howell with MT Women Vote,
Denver Henderson (SEIU), Pamela Boyd, Claire Charlo, Beth Gherlein, Anna Whiting Sorrell, Burke Townsend (Missoula Aging Services), and John Walker of Veterans for Peace.

Tables and contributors: Montana Women Vote, Missoula Rises, SEIU, Medicare for All, Missoula Area Resistance Coalition, Missoulians for Peace and Unity, Planned Parenthood, Missoula Aging Services, DSA, Greg Gianforte-R, Mark Wicks-L, and Rob Quist-D.


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