Daily Resistance is Key

Hey Missoula! Just checking in to make sure that we are all still up in our Members of Congress’ business on the important issues below. Doesn’t matter if you’ve already called on these issues. Once is not enough. Daily is what gets us there. Remem!resistber, our voices equal votes the next time they are up for election. Keep the steady heat on.

Want to make this super easy on yourself? Get the Amplify App! Resistance is literally at your fingertips. Do your part.

getamplify.org team code 289-029-004

National Actions: http://bit.ly/2miOJP8

1. HEALTH CARE. The House proposal is terrible, and we want to make the Senate think it’s not worth the fight. Call Tester and Daines and tell them NO on the House AHCA bill, and NO on any bill that repeals/defunds the ACA.

2. TRUMP/RUSSIA. We want the Senate investigation fully funded and staffed, AND we want an independent Special Commission (in addition to the Special Counsel).

4. PUBLIC LANDS. Call Zinke, even if they tell you they aren’t taking comments. You are a taxpayer and you have the right to leave a message for the Secretary.

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