Have Questions? Ask Your Friendly Missoula Resistance Librarian!

Guest Post from Missoula Resistance Library

Comic saying there are no stupid questions

(Image credit: Sorvala)

Dear Resistance Members,

Are you currently:

  • Writing a letter to your editor and need data to back up your argument?
  • Looking for information to share with your representative?
  • Wondering how to verify if a news story is based in reality or alternative-facts?  
  • Trying to figure out what Net Neutrality is and why it matters?
  • Dealing with information overload and needing some reassurance?

To answer your questions, big or small, we present the Missoula Resistance Library,  a group of information professionals banding together to provide research and resources to the Missoula Resistance community.  Knowledge is power and we are committed to empowering citizens by sharing information and supporting your information needs.  Contact us online or drop in and visit with us Thursday, June 15th, from 5 to 7pm at the Union Club Bar, 208 E Main.

Resisting and persisting,

Your Librarians

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