Many of our local organizations are financially strained or face uncertain financial certainty. What do we do about it? Step up, protect our non-profits through financial giving and volunteering and continue protect our community members.

One option is through Civic Tithing. Civic tithing is from the Old English term for “one-tenth”, tithing has traditionally meant giving part of one’s income to a church or government. In civic tithing, we take the routine giving concept and apply it to civic and community organizations in Missoula County. Together, Missoula Rises has the opportunity improve and stabilize the financial outlook for organizations serving our community in 2017.

First, decide how much of your income you could part with on a monthly or yearly basis, whether 0.1% or 10%. Take the annual cost and divide by 12. Then set up monthly donations to an organization in that amount.

To help you identify organizations, here is a curated list. Thank you so much Jessica Allred for your help in compiling this.

This is just our first crack at this. As always, we welcome your constructive feedback and offers to help improve our ideas. I hope that you will join in supporting our hard working local organizations.

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