We need you to take 5 minutes call.

Here’s why. The healthcare repeal bill will:

  • Include over $800 BILLION in cuts to Medicaid, 23 million
    people will lose health coverage.
  • Provide massive tax breaks to the wealthy and 1%.
  • Seniors, children and people with disabilities will lose
    valuable funding.
  • Nursing homes and group homes could be forced to

1) Call 1-866-426-2631
2) Enter your zip code
3) Listen for voice prompt – press 1
4) Leave voice message.

I am a constituent. My zip code is 598XX. I am calling about the Senate healthcare bill. This bill is a disaster for Montana. It is a windfall for insurance companies, and terrible for consumers. Montanans oppose any bill that repeals / replaces / defunds the ACA. I am requesting our Republican Senator Steve Daines VOTE NO ON THE SENATE HEALTHCARE BILL.

Mark your calendars for tomorrow for this call-in. Throw us some encouragement in the comments so we know you’ve participated! And make sure you are calling Daines every single day to oppose repeal of healthcare. Need help with numbers/calling script? Visit or for resources.

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