Defeat TrumpCare: Plan of Attack

The all-male Senate healthcare caucus is working behind closed doors to decide the future of healthcare. This is an unconscionable process, but this is the ground we are forced to fight on. So in addition to the multitude of calls you have been making, we are stepping it up in the following ways. Every single one of you needs to kick it into gear for us to stop this train.

Here is our Plan of Action:

First and most important: If your activism is limited to liking a FaceBook post or signing an on-line petition, you are not making a difference. Right now make the commitment to get on board. Make no mistake, you WILL be affected by this legislation. And I can guarantee you it will devastate many in our community and State.

Instead of talking to our old friends Danielle or Bill at Senator Daines’ office, we are going to ONLY call his health care legislative assistant. Here is his information and a script. UNLEASH YOUR CALLS AND EMAILS. This isn’t our first rodeo; Missoula knows how to hit our Members of Congress with a deluge of calls/emails/faxes. Get after it. Become Brad’s new best friend.

Brad Kehr

Hi, I am a constituent. My zip code is 598XX. I am calling about the Senate healthcare bill. This bill is a disaster for Montana. It is a windfall for insurance companies, and terrible for consumers. Tell Senator Daines that Montanans oppose any bill that repeals, replaces or defunds the ACA. He needs to make it clear that he wants to protect people with pre-existing conditions, those on Medicaid, and everyone else who depends on the Affordable Care Act for their health and wellbeing, and that he will not support the GOP bill if it gets a Senate vote. NO ON THE SENATE HEALTHCARE BILL.

Senator Tester is joining us for a Healthcare Strategy Call tomorrow. Senator Tester is going to give us an update us on the latest in Washington and he will talk about what YOU can do to make an impact from his perspective.

WHAT: Call to Action Healthcare
WHEN: Wednesday, June 21 at 7 p.m.
CALL: 712-451-0277 PASS CODE: 525668#

We know that Senator Tester opposes TrumpCare, but we need his assurance that he is doing EVERYTHING he can to stop the bill from passing. Here is our ask of Senator Tester:

Resist Through Procedure.
Senator Tester can draw attention to the secret process and slow down Senate business, through a combination of filibustering and “withholding consent.” By withholding consent, Senator Tester can help slow the Senate down to a crawl and focus attention to TrumpCare.


Hello, I am a constituent and my zip code is 598xx. I understand that Senator Tester opposes TrumpCare. But can you please let me know what Senator Tester has done thus far to oppose it?

Staffer: Sure, Senator Tester has done ___________.

While I appreciate Senator Tester’s efforts so far, we have to use every tool available. I’m asking Senator Tester to withhold his consent on ALL Senate business until we have hearings and a complete CBO score. This includes withholding consent on amendments, placing holds on nominations, and objecting to all unanimous consent requests until there are hearings and a complete CBO score. Will Senator Tester do that? Given the gravity of this situation, I expect him to use every tool he has. That also includes offering as many amendments as it takes to draw out Senate debate on this bill.

Missoula office 406-728-3003
DC office 202-224-2644


a. Wednesday Night Phone Banking with Montana Women Vote on

In addition to our Weds night Work Party, we are partnering up with MWV to
conduct phonebanking on this issue. Garrett Lankford will be there to train
folks on calling. Bring your laptop and cell phones.
Weds, June 21, 2017 6-8pm Imagine Nation Brewing

b. Today is National Call-In Day to Oppose TrumpCare
Information below in the graphic.

GET AFTER IT MISSOULA. RISE UP and hold our Senators accountable. We got this!

Call in


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