Missoula Vigil for Charlottesville: Recap, Call to Action & Resources

Thank you to all who came out yesterday, but the work continues today. As we talked about at the vigil, the racism and anti-semitism on display at Charlottesville is not an isolated incident. In fact, it has been occurring and continues to occur on a daily basis in Montana. We know that we want to help. But as our speakers said yesterday, our assistance and fight must be rooted in consistent action. It is not enough to come to the vigil. It is not near enough to change your FB profile pic to ‘Stand with Charlottesville.’ It is not enough to simply be a keyboard warrior in an echo chamber of liberals and feel like you are making a difference because you got 100+ likes. It is not enough. It is not close to enough. Now is the time to move outside our comfort zone of FaceBook activism and start doing.

As a community, we will make a difference if each of us makes the commitment of sustained action and engagement today. Not after another Charlottesville, but today. This tide of racism, anti-semitism and White Supremacy is becoming normalized, again, as a result of the White House. It is our job and civic duty to resist through action. If you don’t want this to be “your America,” then it is up to you to actively fix it. And that starts by confronting racism in our communities and state. If you see it, report it. Below you can find the link to MHRN’s on-line hate reporting form.

In addition to the below events, Missoula Rises commits to planning a training with the MHRN to give us hands on skills in dealing with hate and serving as appropriate allies.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank


The Montana Racial Equality Project

The Montana Human Rights Network

Native Youth Leadership Alliance

We can start by educating ourselves, then donating our time and money to these organizations. They need our help. We need theirs.

Upcoming Events:

Race In Montana: A Community Forum
Friday, September 15, 2017
8:15am 9:00pm
Bozeman Public Library
Free and hosted by the Montana Racial Equality Project

Topics covered:
Cultural Appropriation
Unpacking Microaggressions
Racial & Ethnic Bias in Advertising, including ableism
Sit Down! Guidance for White Activists
Sovereign Nations Yet Wards of the Government
Stand Up! Tips for Racial Justice and Community Organizing
White Privilege and White Fragility
The Bumpy Road to a Positive White Identity

Dismantling Hatred – Skills and Strategies You Can Use
Saturday, October 7, 2017
9:00am 3:00pm
C’mon Inn – Bozeman
Hosted by the Montana Racial Equality Project
$56, scholarships available

This workshop will enable you to develop skills and strategies to dismantle hatred towards historically disadvantaged and marginalized peoples.

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