First, we understand that the actions listed below will have potential detrimental impacts on our local station and its employees. Like most of you, we care about them and their livelihoods. That being said, to make change happen, it is not comfortable or painless. That is why the change comes about.
In this circumstance, contacting the headquarters of Sinclair has had the below impact. Please read Sinclair’s response to the criticism here.  Money is what matters. Karen Wickersham and Erin Erickson tried to work with the station manager last year to propose a plan that would not involve a boycott of advertisers. We got no substantive response. But we can all agree that this insidious influence on Montana viewers, particularly in light of the very real issue of “fake news,” needs to be squarely addressed by our community. The station manager had a choice to opt out. She had a choice to research her options. She chose to air it. So now we need to act.  Please share.
The KECI Station Director is responsible for all for Sinclair owned stations in Montana. Please comment to the following address so they have in writing our protest of Sinclair propaganda. tlwagner@sbgtv.com.
Montana Sinclair propaganda stations include the following: KECI in Missoula, KTVM in Butte and Bozeman and KCFW in Kalispell.
Below is a partial list of advertisers on KECI during the 6:00 pm news. Please contact each of these advertisers and let them know you will not be using their business because of their advertisement with KECI. Let them know you will boycott their business or campaign via social media until they pull their advertising or we get a public statement from the Station Manager, Tammy Wagner. For this to work, you all need to pitch in. Get busy. It’s been awhile since we had a good, solid, coordinated phone and email action. Just like old days… 😉
– Batteries Plus (corporate not the local) 1-800-677-8278
– Mattress Firm 406-926-1138
– Dr. Gray Chiropractic Care 406-926-3000
– Garlington, Lohn & Robinson Law Firm 406-523-2500
– Conlin’s Sleep Center 406-721-2141
– Northern Quest Tribe & Casino 509-242-7000
– Tire Rama
– Western MT Clinic 406-721-5600
– Senator Jon Tester, ask to speak with Deb Frandsen
– Matt Rosendale, running against Tester for Senate.

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