Last week, Karen Wickersham and I had the opportunity to meet with KECI Station Manager, Tamy Wagner, and Local News Director, Chris Avery. They requested that the conversation be kept off record and we honor that request.
However, we do need to let all of you know that KECI has rejected the written proposal that we provided last year. A copy of that proposal can be found HERE
But since we are committed to educating Montana on the deep influence Sinclair has on our local news coverage, we will be moving forward with our plans to hold a large educational forum as well as moving forward with a coordinated educational campaign. If Sinclair is going to force our local stations to engage in “Must Reads” then the general population must know exactly what type of news they are consuming when tuning in to these stations. They cannot pretend to be strictly unbiased, local stations. Because of Sinclair mandates, they are not. It is our job to let people know that. Stay tuned for very specific ways in which you can help.
There simply becomes a time when insidious propaganda cannot be overlooked. Because, as we all know, if you put a frog in a pot of nice comfortable water and then turn on the heat, the frog will complacently let himself be boiled. We are in the pot of warm water right now. It is time for our coordinated pushback. It doesn’t matter the size of Sinclair. This is our State. Our local stations. We will make an impact.
In Solidarity,
Erin M. Erickson


  1. Thank you both for initiating and participating in that meeting. Your efforts are deeply appreciated. Keep us in the loop with further developments.


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