Join Missoula Rises Youth Action Subgroup!

Need some inspiration? Hold on to your hats. One of Missoula Rises most active subgroups, is the Youth Action Subgroup. This group is fully organized by high school students. And these students have been dedicated and rockin the youth organizing throughout the spring and summer. While school was in session, throughout their final exams, and now into their summer vacation, our youth SHOWS UP.

I am blown away by their dedication, tenacity, vision and organizational skills. You should be too. This is the future and they have it going on.

They have organized a Community Breakfast at Ten Spoon Vineyards. They have lined up food, coffee, speakers and a personal statement from Kathleen Williams. In 2 months they have pulled off more than most adult do in 6 months.

Please show them your support. They deserve our presence and support. Show them your appreciation. Show up for them. Bring your kids! Spread the word! Its going to be a great time.

And I’d be remiss to not extend gratitude to Mary DeNevi for developing the idea for this Subgroup and exercising incredible leadership to make it happen and grow.  This is what the vision of true community organizing looks like.

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